The Whittenburg law firm help me obtain my fiancee Visa. They are very professional and expert in their field. Thank you so much to CHERRY LYN, the person who really helped me to get through with my fiance Visa application from the start. She guided me with even the very little and confusing details of my application. I was on the other side of the world but it helps me to be at ease that my application runs smoothly and quickly. I got my Visa application approved in the span of 4 months after they received the application.

Me and my petitioner now my husband were so happy with the results of my applications. I tell you guys they are so great. The firm has the people who are very hands on and expert to their field. You won’t have difficulty reaching out to them and ask about the update of your case because they are the one who will update you about it.

Now, we are happily married in the land of the free. ❤

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